Pastoral Care Services

Our Pastoral Care Team is available to provide spiritual care for all residents, regardless of their Faith tradition, be it Catholic or any other denomination. We are also available to provide support for families and carers when needed. Pastoral Care focuses on the human journey.

As a Catholic facility, our role is to focus on Christian values with a deep commitment to care of the whole person. In fulfilment of the Mission and Values of St. Catherine’s we participate in the healing ministry of Jesus each day.

As did the Good Samaritan of the Gospel, we aim to respond to residents and families with empathy and compassion. We strive to support all in our care, mindful of the dignity of each and every person. As Pastoral Carers we are available to share in the joys and sorrows of those who wish to share with us. We work inclusively, regardless of religious affiliation or not.

We work closely with clergy from all denominations. Through respectful listening, we honour the stories and life experiences of those who share with us.

The role of Pastoral Care is to promote life in all its fullness, providing spiritual care inspired by, and underpinned by Catholic Tradition. It is an important part of the life of a Catholic facility.